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Editing: where do you begin?

If you’re browsing this page, chances are you’re a writer looking for an editor, or information about editing.

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But what happens now?

Do you hire an editor?

What’s involved, and what kind of editing do you need?

What does an editor do and how will they help your writing?

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Hi, I’m Janet  – I edit fiction (Fantasy or Speculative Fiction genres & sub-genres, Contemporary, Historical, and Romance) and I love helping writers.

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Editing Services:

Manuscript Assessment

Great for writers who want an overall assessment on the elements of story writing that need improvement.

A manuscript assessment is usually undertaken before you’ve revised and polished your work ready for an editor.

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Structural Editing (also known as developmental or substantive editing)

The structural edit focuses on the bones of your manuscript.

Like a house – a manuscript needs strong foundations on which the story hangs. In the same way poor foundations in a house will often mean trouble down the track, poor structure will let your story (and your readers) down.

A structural edit looks at the following:

  • plot development and inconsistencies
  • themes
  • character development
  • timeline
  • setting and worldbuilding
  • dialogue
  • POV
  • and more (for a full outline, please contact us)


This is a line by line sentence level edit. While the structural edit looks at all the big issues, the copyedit drills down into language and syntax, grammar, flow and context, and the use of literary techniques. The copyedit follows the structural edit.

A copyedit looks at the following:

  • sentence construction
  • language use
  • tense
  • active and passive voice
  • show rather than telling
  • literary techniques
  • mood
  • tone
  • pace
  • other aspects of language and grammar

Line Editing

A line edit is a copyedit that also picks up any remaining structural issues.

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Additional Services


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Short Stories, Articles & Essays

A minimum fee of $150 applies to short stories, essays, and articles. Two pass edit. Structural editing rates apply. Contact for a quote.

Anthology, structural editing rates apply unless a copyedit only is required.


Yes, I edit poetry.

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For other written material and web content, please contact to discuss your needs.

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Author Services – Book Covers and Publishing

We can create book covers, promotional banners, social media packages, and assist with formatting and self-publishing for print and e-books.

The Important Stuff

All queries answered promptly. Editor and writer relationships are important. If you are a new client I may request a sample of your writing to determine if I’m right for you.

All fees quoted are in Australian dollars.

Deposit to be made via direct debit as soon as you contract Red Room Editing

Full payment to be made before edited work is released.

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