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A bit about what I do!

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Red Room Freelance Editing & Writing Solutions

ABN 54 406 486 563

  • Over 12 years of writing & editing experience
  • Associate member of Institute of Professional Editors Ltd (IPEd)

NB: Until a dedicated website is launched, please scroll down for editing, content writing, or other services. Email me using the links or use the contact form at the end of this page.

A common question writers ask is – when do I need an editor?

Editing requires a very particular skill set. So, perhaps the best answer to the above question is when you feel your work needs an editor’s eye cast over it.

If you’re like most writers you’ll have completed at least two drafts and edited/revised before searching for an editor. You may also have used BETA readers to get feedback on your work. Some writers revise and revise until…

Sometimes you hit a wall or become totally confused. That inner voice – the nasty, negative one – begins to erode confidence and doubts set in. Is my work good enough? Where do I go next?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? I’ve helped many writers through times of uncertainty and confusion.

Email me to discuss your concerns.


How I help you and your writing.

I love helping writers get noticed by publishers. That’s what I aim for!

I’ll assess your work then quote for the editing service that best suits the writing. I’ll work with you to transform your draft into a polished piece.

I will act ethically at all times.

I will be considerate, respectful, but also truthful.

It saddens me when writers waste money on sub-standard editing. This has happened a few times when writers have sent me ‘edited’ work for me to copyedit or proofread.

If you ask for a copyedit or proofread and I find any structural issues I will tell you. I will identify the issues, make some suggestions, and send you back to your desk.

But I will NOT take your money and copyedit or proofread any work that requires a structural edit. 

My Services:

Manuscript Assessment

An assessment of your work which includes suggestions to improve writing and a written report.

(Manuscript Assessments are not as detailed as a structural edit)

Contact me for a chat or a quote (Hey! It’s friendly, confidential and – obligation free!)



  • Structural or developmental
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading

Read on for more details or contact me…


Content Writing & Social Media

  • Web content writing
  • SEO – maximise website visibility
  • Social Media
  • Web sites – WordPress proficient – build, write & edit content.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and updating of your online presence

General Writing Services

  • Essays
  • Letters
  • Grants
  • Exhibition proposals
  • Resumes
  • Reports
  • Transcripts
  • Applications
  • Advertising
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Formatting – Word & InDesign
  • Creative & non-fiction


Structural Editing

A comprehensive two-pass edit concentrating on structural changes including the following:

  • Tense
  • POV
  • Identifying sentence structure issues including active and passive voice, telling vs showing
  • Readability
  • Genre or sub-genre beats
  • Themes
  • Context
  • Plot development
  • Setting and world-building
  • Tension (rising and falling tension/action, emotional tension)
  • Use of the senses
  • Inconsistencies
  • Character development
  • Dialogue (characters’ voices)
  • Overuse of words or phrases
  • Pace
  • Maintaining an author’s unique voice
  • Comments recorded as tracked changes
  • Report included

I encourage writers to ask questions so, let’s chat about your needs!


Copyedit/Line edit (sentence-level editing)

An indepth sentence level edit addressing:

  • Grammar
    • sentence construction
    • run on sentences
    • tense
    • sentence flow
    • language choice
    • filter words
    • passive vs active voice
    • show vs telling
  • Readability
  • Spelling
  • Use of senses
  • POV
  • Author intrusion
  • Catching inconsistencies arising from a structural edit
  • Time shifts and segues


  • A single pass of your work requiring minimal changes.
  • Editing for:
    • sentence style
    • grammar
    • spelling
    • extra spaces
    • words & fragments
    • correct punctuation


  • A single pass with no editing in final preparation for submission to print or to a publishing house
  • Picking up grammar, spelling, and formatting issues
  • No report

Still have questions? No worries, I’m here to help – contact me



Contact me for a partial or mini edit to suit your budget.


Other Services:

Short Stories, Articles & Essays

A minimum fee of $150 applies to short stories, essays, and articles. Two pass read & edit. Structural editing rates apply. Contact for a quote.

Anthology, structural editing rates apply unless only a copyedit is required.


Please contact for a quote.

For other written material and web content please contact for a quote.

International clients

I welcome international clients, so if you’re used to being quoted per word or by the page (250 words), my service is considerably cheaper, saving you money. You may even benefit from differences in the currency exchange so there are even more reasons to use Red Room Freelance Editing & Writing Solutions.

The Important Stuff

All queries answered promptly. Editor and writer relationships are important. If you are a new client I may request a sample of your writing, to determine if I’m right for you.

All fees quoted are in Australian dollars.

No GST charge included at present. Fees and charges are subject to change from time to time.

Deposit to be made via direct debit as soon as you contract Red Room Freelance Editing & Writing SolutionsFull payment to be made before edited work is released.

Please note: quotes remain valid for 21 days.