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Hello, you’ve entered snowflakes on water, my website and blog.

I am a visual artist, writer, and poet.

Space, physical and psychological is an important and ongoing investigation within all aspects of my work. I am interested in the energy the mark creates in relation to the paper or canvas (also known as the ground). I am interested in the visual aspect of text as form but also the tension, and alteration of meaning this can create.

Also influencing the engagement with space is haiku, a Japanese short form of poetry, consisting of 17 syllables, in three lines of 5, 7, 5. My website name – snowflakes on water – references the 5 syllables of the first line of a haiku.

Art and poetry, life and breath; the heartbeat of culture. Words, woven, created in the spaces of the mind, take form, materialise as images, vivid and poignant. The Arts are humanity’s soul food, nourishing and connecting us to the deep recesses of our being.

Please take a moment to look around. Find poetry, a short story snippet, essay excerpts on haiku and my art.

I periodically update and add resources.

I hope my work touches and inspires you.

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Diploma in Professional Writing & Editing, Transmedia Project:

Blossom The Were-Rabbit – unfolding over several weeks

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